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Guangdong Shuntai Capacitors & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.









    Established in 1991,Guangdong Shuntai Capacitors & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.("GDST")is a Sino-foreign joint venture based in Sanshui (the junction of three rivers),Foshan Guangdong Province,china.It is specialized in the production of quality AC capacitors which are widely used in various household and industrial electrical devices such as air-conditioners.

    washing machines, refrigerators, dehumidifiers,electric fans,induction cookers,microwave ovens,Iamps,power distributioncompensation devices and water pumps.

    The factory of GDST has a gross area of over 11.000 sq.m2 constructed at a land with an area of approximately 70 mu. The Company has fixed assets of US$15 million and its production coapacity can reach 110 million capacitors per year.The product range covers almost 200 specifications of dozens of models.GDST is supported by a team of strong technical experts, among which,3 of them are senior engineeers, 6 engingeers and 48 professional technicians.

    As an advanced production enterprise,GDST has introduced and made use of professional production equipmeng ,technical know-how as well as managemeng and operation measures designated for AC capacitors.The comprehensive and highly-automatic production line consists of system of coiling,processing,testing and computerized control under a closed,air-conditioned and dust-free environment with a constant room temperature.

    Due to its excellent quality management,all the core products ofGDST have already been credited ISO9000 and received international certifications such as CQC,VDE,TuV,UL,CSA,In addition to famous domestic brands of electrical appliances,our markets have been expanded to E urope, the USA,the South East Asia,Hong Kong and macau.

    GDST has been determined as a high and new tech enterprise and a private technology enterprise by the Guangdong Provincial Government.It has aiso been awarded the State New Product Award, the Guangdong Province Excellent New Productt Award,the Third Prize of Technology Advancement of Guangdong Province,the Second Prize of Technology Advancement of the State Electronic Industry Bureau,the Third Prize of Technology Advancement of Foshan City and the First Prize of Technology Advancement of Sanshui District.

Our principles:
Clients, quality and credit are always at the TOP
Domestic and overseas companies and clients are cordially welcomed!